Container spedition;
Representation of clients before the Customs authorities;
Drawing up of all kinds of customs and transport documents;
Transit of goods to any domestic and international destination;
Re-export and export of goods to any domestic and international destination;
Guaranteeing of customs duties;
Storage of goods under "customs warehousing" regime in licensed customs bonded warehouse type A;
Storage of goods in temporary warehouse;
Storage and warehousing commodities in tax warehouse;
Transmission of data towards the Customs institutions - the company disposes of special line called "system in system" for exchange of standard EDI –type messages;
All kinds of operations with your goods could be maintained at our warehouse including: loading and unloading, warehousing, packaging and repackaging, palletizing, foiling, labeling, wrapper, and all other additional services at your request. The goods in the warehouse are warded 24 hours a day.
Transportation-more domestic and international destination(overland and sea) becomes organized.
The company disposes of special software,which enable keeping of strict warehouse accounting in real time and gives access to the data for the acceptance and expedition of your stored goods with the possibility for obtaining detailed inquiries about:
Total warehouse availability;
History of the deliveries and the expeditions from the warehouse for each article;
The customs status of your commodities by articles;
Archives of all the documents for delivery and expedition of the goods;
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